High Level Consulting

Sohail and his team specialize in providing customized strategic advice, partnering and planning to SME’s and Corporates all over the world.

Sohail is the go to guy for business owners and is considered one of the top business growth consultants in the world having worked with a majority of different businesses all over the world.

Sohail also has major investments in other businesses (including his own) which receive his advice on real world situations and challenges, focusing on easy to implement strategies & tactics, simple execution and bottom line results.

Due to Sohail’s busy schedule and commitment to his family and existing clients consulting opportunities are by application only and there is very limited availability.

Sohail provides consulting in the following areas:

  • Fast Growth Strategies For SME’s and Corporates
  • Building Strategic Partnering Platforms
  • Joint Venture Brokering
  • Lead Generation Using Partnering
  • Strategic Planning – The Fast Growth Framework
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Joint Venture Exit Strategies

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